Our Story

I’ve always enjoyed knives, craft, natural materials and traditional processes. When I lost my plastic sgian dubh with its fake stone, I vowed never to wear plastic again.

I replaced it with a small knife made from a truck spring that I bought on the banks of the River Nile in Uganda – and nursed a dream of a retirement project making my own ‘real sgian dubh’.

Ten years later while working in the Himalayas I came across the remarkable knife makers of Nepal and the idea for the Real Sgian Dubh Co. was born.

These days I’m based in Scotland but work full time with a Christian health and development organisation in Nepal (www.inf.org) – so I’m frequently travelling. If I’m away for any length of time then there will be a note in my web shop to let you know when I can next deliver any orders.

Alastair Seaman
– Founder –

Alastair real sgian dubh co founder

My business philosophy is that in its own small way, what we do should make the world a better place:

  • we make something beautiful that will bring enjoyment to our customers and their succeeding generations.
  • we pay our craftsmen significantly above the market price for their labour and we pay them in advance or very promptly.
  • £5 from the sale price of each knife goes to support health and development work in Nepal.