Our Story

We are a Scottish, family run business who have always enjoyed the outdoors, craft, natural materials and traditional processes. In the early 2000s we spent some time in Nepal as a family and came across remarkable local knife makers. This combined with a contempt for poor quality, fake, plastic knives led to the birth of the Real Sgian Dubh Co. 

The business was set up by our founder Alastair and is now run by his two kids Erin and Euan. We are all based in Central Scotland and each work or study full time. This keeps us busy so please be patient if we are slow to reply to your query!

Our business philosophy is that in its own small way, what we do should make the world a better place:

  • we make something beautiful that will bring enjoyment to our customers and their succeeding generations.
  • we pay our craftsmen significantly above the market price for their labour and we pay them in advance or very promptly.
  • £5 from the sale price of each knife goes to support health and development work in Nepal.